PowerPoint Demo Deck: Fashion Brand Catalogue

PowerPoint Template Demo Deck: Fashion Brand Catalogue 2018-02-27T12:14:33+00:00

Project Description

Click through the individual slides above, or play the video to see the animations built into the PowerPoint deck.

We created this PowerPoint Template as a demo deck for a fashion brand catalogue. Our PowerPoint designers always have a lot of fun when working with photography that includes people, which in this case we sourced royalty-free and entirely online (something many of our clients ask us to do for their own projects). We then isolated, edited, and mixed the photos into a deck full of bold and colourful shapes, stylised text, and complex Morphing animations to produce an example of a live, free-flowing, and attention grabbing style of deck that we often make for our clients when they need to stand out, and want to showcase what they do with a vibrant and memorable presentation.

We hope you enjoy this PowerPoint template, and get in touch for more info on creating your own branded presentation!

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