PowerPoint Template Demo Deck: Prezi In PowerPoint, Zooming Presentation

PowerPoint Template Demo Deck: Prezi In PowerPoint, Zooming Presentation 2018-03-07T21:44:55+00:00

Project Description

Click through the individual slides above, or play the video to see the animations built into the PowerPoint deck.

We created this PowerPoint Template as a demo deck showcasing a Prezi-style overview built directly in PowerPoint.  Our clients often stick with using PowerPoint for various reasons, but are interested in the concept of Prezi, and generally know that you can organise all your slides within a single overview, a bit like a whiteboard, and then present them in an appealing way. They also like that you can click from your overview into any topic of your presentation, in any order, allowing for a more interactive flow to your story or pitch. Prezi users call this style of delivery ‘conversational presenting’. All-in-all, it sounds like a welcome change from your typical slide experience.

So, it’s often a surprise to our clients when we tell them we’ve made a significant amount of Prezi-style conversational presentations — not using Prezi, rather good old PowerPoint! It’s all made possible with the new Zoom feature within Office 365.

We hope you enjoy this PowerPoint template, and get in touch for more info on creating your own branded presentation!

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